Boscovivo was founded in 1982 by the couple Alfredo Landucci and Franca Bianchini.

Everything began with the passion and love for a product of the earth worldwide recognized as the diamond of the kitchen: the truffle. Over the years, in addition to selecting and promoting the authentic 100% Italian truffle, the inspiration of Landucci family gave life to a wide range of products by which you can enjoy unique flavors.

In 1992, during the conference “Does the French Cuisine have Tuscan origins?” organized by Boscovivo, the new line “Le Ricette di Caterina” was launched, proposing a rich range of products of the Tuscan tradition.

For several years, the sons Silvia and Luca have participated in the management of the company, contributing to the development of the creativity and to the creation of new products, but also participating in the most important national and international events and trying to understand the tastes of potential customers, offering them "ancient flavors" revisited for modern needs.

Creativity, research, constant improvement of the products, attention to customer needs, highly qualified employees, advanced technologies, with which the Landucci family has provided its production lines, outline the future prospects of Boscovivo.
The excellent quality of Boscovivo’s products has been recognized by the highest authorities of the Italian and foreign culinary echelons, receiving many awards.