Lamb steaks with potatoes and La Mia Salamoia
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Lamb steaks with potatoes and La Mia Salamoia



approx. 500 g lamb
3 glasses of white wine
5/6 spoons olive oil
La mia Salamoia to taste
Pepper to taste

We marinate the lamb steaks in a bowl for at least two to three hours with three glasses of white wine, five to six tablespoons of oil, a sprinkling of pepper and La mia Salamoia. After this time, peel and clean the potatoes, cut them to taste, place them in the same bowl as the marinade and leave to rest for a while. In a baking dish greased with oil on the bottom, place both the potatoes and the lamb pieces and bake in a static oven preheated to 200°C for one hour. We lower the temperature to 180°C after the first 10 minutes. Halfway through cooking, if the lamb is cooked before the potatoes, we can cover the pan with aluminium foil so that the meat does not dry out too much. When cooked, season further with rosemary and bring the lamb with potatoes to the table still hot.